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Lamborghini Gallardo BMC Performance Air Filter Upgrade

Price: 95.00

Lamborghini Gallardo Air Filter Upgrade by BHP - Buckinghamshire High Performance.

Price includes VAT and fitting.

High performance BMC F1 replacement air filter imported from Italy.

Lifetime air filter that is washable and re-oilable. BMC F1 air filters are original equipment for the Ferrari Formula 1 and GT race teams, as well as Mercedes F1, Porsche GT and Audi GT teams.

BMC has developed a particular production system based on soft rubber moulding which produces the familiar BMC red filters. They are made in one single piece with no welded joints in the corners, thus avoiding the risk of a failure.

BHP - Buckinghamshire High Performance can offer this tuning upgrade for your Lamborghini Gallardo, with free fitting.

Call us today on 0845 224 1968 or email

BHP - Buckinghamshire High Performance are a renowned Lamborghini Sales and Service Specialist, We have a selection of Lamborghini Gallardo for sale and Lamborghini Murcielago for sale.

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