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Gallardo Power Steering Line Upgrade

Price: 299.00

Make sure your Gallardo does not become a victim of fire, such as the example shown in the photo.

It is a well known fact, that the standard power steering line on the Gallardo can fail, normally casued by fatigue and exhaust heat over a period of time. The result is power steering fluid spraying onto a hot exhaust and the consequences can be considerable fire damage.

You can take measures to avoid this by having BHP - Buckinghamshire High Performance, install an upgraded line.

Our conversion has been specifically designed for Gallardo application, is constructed from the highest quality materials and has been pressure tested way beyond the maximum running pressures of the power steering system.

Additionally, the line has fire sleeve protection to protect from the heat dissipation of the exhaust system. 

Our price includes installation, but is subject to VAT.

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